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Managing Director

Jeff is a thought leader. He has over a decade of experience providing the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure companies realize their true potential. Jeff understands the interrelationship between people, processes and profits and has demonstrated the ability to integrate these elements to drive growth, financial strength and operating efficiency.

Jeff has held C-Suite, Vice President, and Director roles for companies with revenues ranging from $5MM to $250MM. Consistent across all of his experience is Jeff’s emphasis on the importance of aligning key stakeholders to achieve success. He is an excellent communicator that is able to build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. 

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Cost Management Specialists

Mosaic Growth Partners is a Franchise Owner of Expense Reduction Analysts – one of the world’s leading specialists for cost management. We optimize business costs and find innovative solutions to meet your company’s needs. The extensive subject knowledge we possess for professional supplier negotiations creates the opportunity to drive substantial savings for your company. Our collaborative approach provides full transparency, ensuring you retain control of all key aspects of the engagement.

Most of our work is done outside of your office environment. Our processes, resources, and systems ensure minimal impact on your internal resources. All savings are realized, sustained and improved over time, by monitoring supplier performance in accordance with the supply contract. 

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